Body Scan Meditation
Body Scan Meditation

Body scan meditation is a popular method for promoting deep relaxation and mindfulness. By directing your focus to different parts of the body and consciously noticing them, tension can be released and a deeper sense of calm and serenity can be achieved. This article provides an overview of body scan meditation.



Body scan meditation is about taking time to consciously explore your body. Start by sitting or lying in a comfortable position. Body scan meditation is an effective way to cultivate mindfulness, reduce stress and achieve deep relaxation of the body and mind. When we look at the koshas in yoga, we see the body as the outermost layer. To calm our mind, it is helpful to start directly with the body at the beginning of a meditation to calm the mind and then go deeper. The mind-body connection is therefore ideal for influencing the mind and bringing it into balance. This technique is extremely simple. We then move through the different parts of the body with our awareness and then perceive the whole body in a completely relaxed way.

Overview Body Scan Meditation


  1. Create a quiet environment: Choose a quiet and undisturbed place for your meditation. Make sure you can sit or lie down comfortably. Turn off all distractions such as cell phones or televisions.
  2. Take a comfortable position: Find a position in which you can relax. This can be sitting on a meditation cushion or chair or lying on a yoga mat or bed. Make sure that your spine is straight and that you feel comfortable.
  3. Start with conscious breathing: close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath. Feel how you breathe in and out. Breathe in and out consciously and deeply to center yourself and prepare your mind for the present moment.
  4. Focus your attention on your body: Gently bring your attention to your body. Start with your feet and slowly work your way up. Feel each region of your body and pay attention to any sensations, tension or pain that you notice.
  5. Be mindful and non-judgmental: While performing the body scan, be mindful and notice your body sensations without judgment or evaluation. Simply accept whatever you feel in your body, be it pleasant or unpleasant. Let go and allow the sensations to come and go.
  6. Linger in each area: Take time to linger in each area of your body. Start with your feet and move up through your legs, stomach, chest, arms and head. Consciously feel into each part and allow your body to relax and let go.
  7. Breathe into the affected area: If you come across an area of tension or discomfort, breathe gently in and out of this area. Imagine how the breath spreads out in this area and releases the tension. Let go and continue to relax.
  8. End the meditation slowly: After you have completed the body scan, take a moment to sit or lie quietly and observe the sensations in your body. You are now welcome to become aware of your entire body and relax. Then slowly open your eyes and carefully stand up to adjust to your surroundings.