OM Mantra

The OM mantra is the most significant mantra we know. When we engage in the practices of mantra yoga, we encounter a variety of elements that help us connect with our inner self and enrich our spiritual journey. One of these elements is the sound “OM”. It is not just a simple sound, but a powerful tool that can take us to a deeper level of consciousness.

What is the OM mantra?

OM unites body, mind and soul

When we look at the sound image of “OM”, we can recognize the connection between body, mind and soul. The “A” represents the sound produced in the front part of the mouth and represents the physical aspect of our being. The “U” is produced in the middle part of the mouth and symbolizes the mental state. Finally, the “M” is produced at the back of the mouth and represents the spiritual or transcendental aspect of our consciousness.

Sound and meditation


  • A is sattvic and associated with Brahma
  • U is Rajasic and associated with Vishnu
  • U ist Rajasisch und mit Vishnu verbunden