The natural self-healing power of the body

It makes sense to start with the effects on the body. When we talk about self-healing, we mean a process that is constantly in action. Our cells die and renew themselves every second, every seven years the body itself is completely renewed. Our nervous system constantly ensures a state of balance. These processes mostly take place in the background, yet we are in a constant healing process.

Levels of self-healing meditation

Sport, yoga and massage have an effect on the muscles, connective tissue and bones. But what about deep relaxation of the heart and brain? The heart and brain can be shut down in meditation, where we focus completely on the moment. The breath slows down, the pulse rate decreases and the activity of the brain is reduced. This is the time when the body can take the time to initiate deep healing processes on a cellular level. The deeper the meditation, the more profound the healing that is set in motion. Meditation goes beyond relaxation. Meditation changes our energy and centers it towards healing.

Self-healing meditation with the energy of the morning

Whenever meditation is involved in the healing process, possibly alongside treatment with medication or another program, the energy in the morning should be used to support it. Yogis have known for thousands of years and science has already confirmed that around the time of sunrise the ions in the atmosphere experience a concentration and this affects our bodies. Living beings receive a burst of energy. We can use this energy in the morning and incorporate it into our meditation practice. If we use meditation for healing, it is therefore best to meditate early in the morning, especially when there is a lack of energy or late in the evening, in order to counteract an excess of energy.

Psyche, mind and the senses

In yoga and tantra yoga, the mind plays a more prominent role than the body. Quite simply because the material world originates from the spiritual world. We therefore want to start at the root. If an illness is already advanced or chronic on a physical level, the subtle level can hardly exert any influence. Spiritual healing will often have an effect on the body. When we talk about the spiritual level, we are talking about the psyche, the nervous system and our body. In the yogic system, it goes even further into more subtle levels and in Tantra Yoga all the way to our karma.

Activate the deepest levels

For Western medicine, mental illnesses are only tangible via the psyche. Whatever image the meditator has of the deepest levels of human existence, as a meditator he or she hardly needs to think about it. Meditation, and especially deep meditation, has an effect on all levels of the human being. When the body comes to deep rest and heals, it is exactly the same principle with the mind. For our complicated world, becoming one with the moment seems to be ineffective. This is due to the subtle potential in the now or the moment. In deep meditation, we reach this depth with our peacefully vibrating cells and can activate natural healing processes that would not be possible through external influences.

Visualization and expectations

Self-healing through meditation happens through the quality of meditation. This in turn is influenced by the enjoyment of the practice, investment of time and our karmic potential. We may see meditation as a last straw after nothing has worked to combat or alleviate an illness. Despite its many variations, meditation is not for everyone. It should feel natural and not forced to follow this path.

Meditate and let go …

Of course, there are many healing approaches in meditation, with visualization of the diseased body part, etc.. Experience has shown that I recommend considering meditation itself as an addition to the quality of life and not just as a tool. Intervening too actively by focusing on the meditation practice and expecting an effect can stand in the way of unlocking the true potential of healing through meditation, regardless of the severity of the illness. A deep letting go of activity in favor of awake passivity with awareness of the moment has the potential to enrich our lives and set healing in motion where we cannot reach with our will. Less is often more here. And a meditation practice that we do not expect too much of ourselves can possibly support us differently and better in healing than we would ever have expected.

Meditation goes beyond self-healing

Meditation offers us the chance to experience insights and perceptions beyond all known spiritual techniques. Meditation is therefore more than a tool or a means to an end. Meditation is always an opportunity to let go so deeply and experience oneness in a way that was seemingly never possible before. Healing may not always come from this, but it does broaden our human perspective. May your journey to healing also broaden your perspective.