Distance healing

In this article I will explain to you, how you can perform a distance healing yourself and how it works. If you need a healing yourself, you can also use this technique on yourself.

How do you become a distance healer?

As a spiritual healer, I know the desire to help someone who is ill. There are many things we can do. Simply being present with a sick person or simply being present can bring enormous relief. Those who want to heal are often interested in improving their own situation. If a sick person feels better, do those involved often feel better too? You should not do it just to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

Motivation and ego check

What is healing at a distance?

sven horn spiritual healing
Sven Horn does healing on a distance from a tent

How does distance healing work?

Spiritual healing

A simple guide to distance healing

These instructions do not claim to provide results in order to counteract disappointment of expectations. The author of this text also believes that such instructions should be made available. May the person carrying out the work handle these instructions with care and foresight.

Sven Horn
  • Find a quiet place: There you can relax and be undisturbed. This will create a calm environment. Turn off all disturbing noises and create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Connect with your intention: Set yourself a clear intention for distance healing. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to alleviate physical complaints, release emotional blockages or promote your spiritual development? Formulate your intention clearly and concisely.
  • See the person or yourself: Imagine the person in your mind. If you are the person, imagine that you are looking at yourself from the outside. In your mind’s eye, see the person as healthy, happy and full of energy. Let positive feelings and emotions arise in you while you maintain this image.
  • Send energetic vibrations: Concentrate on the universal energy and imagine how it flows through you. Transfer this positive energy to this person with your thoughts. Imagine how this person is enveloped in this energy and brings about healing. Imagine that you are this person. Feel how the energy rises within you. Send it outwards.
  • Trust the process: During distance healing, it is important to have faith in the process. Believe that the energetic vibrations can unfold their effect and bring about healing. Let go of doubts and negative thoughts and trust that the energy will find its way.
  • End the session: After sending distant healing, thank the universal energy and gently disconnect from the person or yourself. Take a moment to relax and reflect on the experience.

Expectations and karma

Energy and positive vibrations can alleviate discomfort, resolve disorders and promote spiritual development. An important aspect of Tantra Yoga is the aspect of karma.

Release love

It is important that we give love freely without expecting anything in return. It is important to send positive energy without expectations. Once sent, we can no longer control it. Like an arrow that is shot. What happens then can disappoint our ego.